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About CAM

CAM LLC is a global money transfer company licensed in over twenty US states, with over 20 yrs. of experience. We value our global customers to provide a frictionless service while maintaining the safety of our products.

CAM’s products include:

Agent based Remittance with over one hundred locations through-out 20 states, plus our partners in other states.

An online remittance service and a mobile application.

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Our Services

From the comfortability of your home to a local currency paid out in minutes to a loved one in another country; from our website or app to a merchant up the street, from your business account to a vendor’s account ten time zones away. Our services helps people and businesses move money, helping build communities, grow economies, and realize a better world.

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Bank Transfer

Send remittances to your loved ones it's easy, you can do it on your laptop or mobile.

cash pickup
Cash Pickup

A cash pickup allows your recipient to pick up their money on desired pickup point.

mobile money
Mobile Money

Get instant delivery to mobile wallet accounts.

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Download our app for free to send money online in minutes. Track your payments and view your transfer history from anywhere.

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