About CAM

  • Strive to continually work at offering the highest level of service to our customers with 100% on-Time delivery
  • Stay ahead of the competition by keeping a proactive approach to our customers’ needs and by going the extra mile to ensure our Customers Total Satisfaction.
  • Build key relationships and develop strong partnerships with the communities where we are established, by supporting them and donating time, money and resources to the promotion of Arts and Sports.
  • Offer our employees a dynamic and supportive work environment promoting Team Spirit and Personal Growth

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Our Licenses:

Caribbean Airmail, Inc. (C.A.M.) is licensed in the following states:
CT: 13945 - DC: MTR4444 - FL: FT20800088 - GA: 18928 - IL: MT176 - MA: FT1409 - NJ: L045612 - NY: MT101304 - RI: 20203906CT

Our Services

From the comfortability of your home to a local currency paid out in minutes to a loved one in another country; from our website or app to a merchant up the street, from your business account to a vendor’s account ten time zones away. Our services helps people and businesses move money, helping build communities, grow economies, and realize a better world.

Home Delivery

A home delivery allows your recipients to receiver their money at door step.


A cash pickup allows your recipient to pick up their money on desired pickup point

Bank Deposit

Send bank deposit direct to your loved ones. It's easy, you can do it on your laptop or mobile.

Download Mobile Apps

Process money transactions through our mobile app. Now available on both Apple and Android platforms.

Status Updates 24/7

Email us your queries on Customerservice@camtransfer.com. Or call at +1 800 934 0440.

Airtime And Bill Payment

Send Airtime to your loved ones. You can do it on your laptop or mobile. Bill Payment is Coming Soon


Sign up/ Login on CAM portal and start it with you first transaction to send money online securely to your Friends, Family and colleagues etc..
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Sign up

https://www.camtransfer.com provide your asked information and get the benefits of web application .


Login with your Email and password, then get in to the web application to explore and use the features of this appliction

Start a Transaction

Select your amount, Mode of Payment, beneficiary, provide your identification and send money using your bank cards.

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